This book contains everything a nurse needs to know about high-alert medications and intravenous fluid treatment, as well as how to administer them safely. It discusses the methods by which nurses are expected to monitor the patient’s side effects for signs and symptoms, and If administered incorrectly, how treatments might have adverse effects upon patients, as indicated by contraindications. It goes into depth about how blood and urine tests may be used to detect and prevent infection, hemorrhage, nutritional deficiencies, serum electrolytes, and enzyme levels, as well as other imbalances or deficiencies in the patient’s health.

Feature of the second edition

– Highlight: primary symptoms are to be highlighted with ease of notice.
– Easy-to-read: simple, easy-to-read and understandable synonyms.
– Add and update all units with high-quality content provided by medical resources.
– Gift: you get the first edition takes a free upgrade to drug and lab second edition without membership fees.

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