The nurse must be safe to use emergency medication have to know the generic name of the pharmaceutical substances, classifications for chemical classes, use high-alert medicines carefully during therapy, to observe and prevent signs of side effects in the patient.

Brand Name. Specifies a particular formulation assigned by the manufacturer of a trade product.

Generic Name. Name given to a pharmaceutical substance, as designated by the world health organization.

Pronunciatio. Helps the nurse master complex generic names.

Therapeutic Class. Similarities and dissimilarities among drugs in the same functions but different chemical classes.

Therapeutic effects related to treatment of disease and helping to reduce symptoms of the patient.

Therapeutic effects in emergency drugs


List the conditions of precautions under which the medicine should not be used at all.

Contraindications in emergency drugs

Side Effects

Groups these reactions by body system, with common side effects italicized and life-threatening reactions.

Side effects in emergency drugs

High-Alert Status is categories of drugs that have the greatest potential for harm to patients if mistakenly used.

High-alert in emergency drugs